Untitled Necklaces

A continuing theme throughout my work has been the idea of Purgatory. I have used a variety of found objects mostly litter off the street to show that by lifting an object out of an unused state you can elevate it and bring it out of purgatory and back to a place of usefulness and beauty. For my most recent series of Untitled necklaces I have bought the idea of objects living in a state of purgatory a bit closer to home. When my Aunt and Grandmother died a large portion of my inheritance came in the form of craft supplies; much of it inexpensive beads that really weren’t useful for anything that I have been making. Who knows how long they languished in the basement before being found and offered to me. I took them home and left them in a drawer of other useless beads some I had purchased others from friends and classmates who thought I might eventually find them useful. I considered these beads to be stuck in purgatory and for the first time it was my fault; they had no use and were now forgotten by their second owner. It is my hope that by finding a new, innovative, and creative use for these beads and by using them in combination I have made something beautiful that their original owners would be proud of and something unique that their new owners will cherish for years to come. The goal of this project was to raise the beads out of purgatory and into a new state that lifts the spirt of those who own them and the lives they touch.



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