Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

On day 2 after breakfast and a run in with an alarmingly large tree lizard we headed north to the Petrified Forest and painted deserts. On the way we stopped at Black Canyon Lake forest to find some red japer and picked up a little lost dinosaur who we promptly named Rodney and wo traveled with us for the remainder of our journey. While there we also visited the Gentry Lookout tower. A fire spotting tower complete with fire spotter and amazing panoramic views for almost 100 miles. We later stopped near woodruff to go on a petrified wood search and were able to find some on the side of the road wow! By the time we got to the Petrified Forest it was pelting rain and super windy. I couldn’t stop laughing because the rain hurt so badly when it hit. But the Petrified Forest was amazing with different and interesting views around every turn. Then we went up to the Painted Desert and luckily it had stopped raining but was still overcast. Even then the views were fantastic and it was like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Went back to Payson for the night and ate at a really great cowboy bar with live music and Buffalo burgers.


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