Live update from the train!

I’m writing to you live from the cafe car on the palmetto 90 train going savannah to new york. I will be departing in Philadelphia. I am 7 hours in to my 14 hour ride and have already watched a movie, played many games on my ipad and i phone, applied for a job beaded 3 things, had 2 cups of tea, tried to take a nap and recieved word that my thesis has been officially accepted. your looking at a BS, BFA, MFA now! I’ve also posted like 4 picture on instagram already and probably more to come. Also if your sick or stuck on a train or just bored wtch Kingsmen omg I don’t know if I would have liked it at home with the family but alone on the train it was hilarious. Another note trains with wifi are awesome. Time for another movie and some more beading before it gets dark. Cheers!




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