MFA Show Install

I started installing my show in the Blick gallery around 2pm on Weds the 4th. I worked on hanging the manifesto drawings and getting the rough form of how I wanted the ‘Personalized Ex-Voto Enshrined’ pieces. My parents and sister showed up on Thursday afternoon and we got down to business. It was a struggle getting things to hang straight using the hanging wires. It would have been really nice to have just nailed things into the walls. But we overcame and by the end of the day most of the walls were up and hanging well. Friday my Dad built the bottle cap display wall while I filled in with the smaller shine boxes and my mom and sister worked on assembling the miracles and wishes wall. The grandparents showed up in the afternoon and by 3 everything was done! This left enough time for a super short nap and getting pretty. Check out some sweet pictures of the work going up. It was a bunch of work but it turned out looking amazing.

thank you to Ali Aiken for the pictures.

A1LrxftRb-O2b8nhUYO5fanO63rINTswzZ6zTa5K98Q,r4j_UZwNAVjnmwh9HSumoEc8wNo8PcnNYV6tTQ6VAXE AeldC-rRqt32eHFucZ_zYgt3ch5Cqb4dhW3_uMLdsVo,KOLSSWaL5WmO50V25DbcQx_6mpiFv03pLoTrbda7pgA ERk2ArFzjHnJNLhoYDJdSfwtjPQBBDh8U8Wur8AzFB0,sLlbhA4ihrBhdcBN4XKLr2npEZDaPyK-9iWOrLCzLGI H9dHcLgf6ciHC6hKhocO4g0UK56L9Lb8na1eWGs6XdU,2Ot84C8-XCXkHf473A1WjXRfcv5JKAESwtPfIBnisDg LrioOAKz_RXgp14OXuiCdj7TiAemuPfTtRlx1WQkgYE,V4QaBQuS82F1JsA3mj-OkvqIQ7BPEFOzYr-y3ZS1xFk OwqQJHiIGHpwsHMzW1yYcj4AVjjB7BNcK4zZb3obkvI,YlIUIvvnCx_3T_4pcDz4sMM3RFK4Ycyj1uBP9NZe1d0 rzkoJqLbok646VVeUH4NMjrHDFpuUz54MFVmCG66hZE,C28MD-9O-WazbSUwpEySPq1dwpCS_mOYQZvgph-sCXA tTmAioTt7qGHHOHMz3iB_fj6D1U07V7-R-SpECLgv-U,KgPtiGcpQphnLYe5LJuh37G_-IHZ1VYu8NSdn4_k2JY UNL-LwYWDbAgW_wx1Hr-JUP8sX2_7Hz-MavIDztJW-8,UPnOFAMLAt_BaYU2qBv_91afNRqX-FRMqzCL4fm0Kw0 yyYbnyhGebE6G1VknssrT_XWOAwillhMgJn6T_MhiGw,S94_t8QmuohX3vQkBf4oIqR791_v3imHBQmsCH2elpY


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