For my first Laminae Ex Voto I’m doing a piece that is asking all current smokers to stop. The final triptych will have a large area with a set of lungs and 2 smaller areas. one will hold a cigarette box and the other a lighter. I was trying to figure out an interesting way to make the lungs when I had the idea to try to laser etch them onto paint samples. I had success a few days earlier in etching “I Wish” onto the paint chips and thought why not try it. I used an anatomical drawings of the lungs and heart that I found on the internet. I didn’t want to just do straight paint chips so I decided to weave them like a little kid in order to make a more interesting surface and to add a little bit of a gradient to the background. It turned out beautifully and now I just want to keep trying new stuff like this. On top of the lasered lungs I added a piece that I had been working on last quarter with glued beads. This lungs on lungs will be the focal point . I’m so excited to see this piece finally finished.

IMG_1383 IMG_1384


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