Bottle Cap Badges

I’ve been working on making even more bottle cap badges for my show. I had 125 at the end of the spring quarter and am already up tp 270 this quarter. these are going to be take aways from my show and a big part of the installation so I need many many. Each one is a lase cut and rastered wood exterior with a bottle cap interior. They speak to elevating even the most disposable object to jewelry and will act as pilgrim badges showing each individuals pilgrimage to the show. All the visitor has to do to get one is leave a wish in the place of the badge they choose to take with them. I’m going to be trying a few different arrangements of the badges in the coming weeks and did the first one this week. A basic heart shape going from black through the rainbow and ending at white. My next tr is going to be something a little more linear and spread out. I like how the heart with all the pieces touching makes it appear like one big piece out of many but wonder what it will look like with each badge as an individual.

IMG_1223 IMG_1243 IMG_1255


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