Beaded Rocks

For one of my Laminae Ex-Voto pieces in my MFA show I want to have a series of beaded rocks from Campobello island. I wold like to have about 20 of them on a picture of the rocky beach where they were found. The piece would be about my wish for tranquility and relaxation. Campobello is a huge source of inspiration for me and my families been going there for many years. It’s the best vacation once your there time slows down. You get to read novels, make art, walk on endless rocky beaches, explore wooded trails, get lost in the fog, play card games, watch the tide change, and watch seals. It’s a beautiful place and I want to represent my love for it in my show. In the spring I made 6 beaded rock brooches and they got into the Landfall show at the Gustein gallery in Savannah. Over the summer I have made 14 more! Now all I have to do is make their housing and hang them up! this might just be my first completed Laminae Ex-Voto piece.

IMG_1119 IMG_1138 IMG_1149


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