Zoo 5K

I’m trying to stay in shape this year and part of my regimen is running. More jogging to be honest, but I’m trying. Since May I’ve completed the Savannah 5K color run in 38 mins. The Savannah Sand Gnats 5K in 36 Mins and the Campobello Island color run 2K in 13 mins. I’ve been working really hard to add some hills to my jog regimen since we don’t have hills in Savannah but in Pennsylvania their much more common. This month we completed the Lehigh valley Zoo 5k and let me say that it was awesome. We killed the first mile in 11 mins and just kept up the pace. There was a covered bridge that we got to run through and later to get back across the river we forded it, jogging in about four inches of water. The last half mile was a killer up hill section but we knew our time would be great if we could push through it, so we did and I’m so proud to say that we finished in 34:15 a new personal best! I’m not sure if it was the extra hill training or the epic t-shirts that we made for the race ( mine said “Run Like You’re in Jurassic Park) either way I’m super proud.

IMG_0863 IMG_0904


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