I am not your eggplant

Summer has officially begun and while there’s sure to be some more posts about the past quarter I wanted to add an update on my first weekend of the summers making. I wanted to do something for myself and seeing as I’m always wearing a brooch on my jean jacket I wanted to make a beaded one for myself. So what better subject matter then an eggplant. In junior high I went to a talk about how to combat bullies and one of the things they taught you to say to keep them off-balance was “I am not your eggplant” my friends and I thought it was hilarious and have been using the saying amongst ourselves since then. I thought an eggplant brooch would make me and anyone who sees it smile and it might just turn into an element for a laminae Ex-Voto for my show. Below are pictures of the progress and finished piece. I included a picture of the pack showing all the individual stitches. I think its sometime unfortunate that I have to cover this part up, it shows all the labor and is beautiful in its own way.

IMG_9855 IMG_9850 IMG_9849 IMG_9841


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