I’ve been working on ideas for the reliquaries to hold the ‘Personalized Ex-Voto’s Enshrined’ throughout the quarter.

The ‘Personalized Ex-Voto’s Enshrined’ are a form of contemporary reliquary. In Latin the word reliquiae means things that have been “left behind.” This root definition works as a perfect comparison to the found objects that have been placed in each piece. “In a sense, all artists who incorporate found objects are connected to the reliquary… In conjunction with its reliquary, a relic is connected to a significant person, place, or event that aspires to transcend time and invite devotion[1].” My pieces act as found object ‘relics’ placed into a luxuriously beaded and embellished piece of jewelry further enshrined inside a reliquary. “To the contemporary artist; the reliquary format offers complex themes, including commemoration, transformation, embodiment, and fragmentation, especially when involving a visually accessible relic[2].” My work shows both transformation and commemoration through the use of the relic, reliquary format.

Last quarter I made the box that held the tins that held the Ex-Voto beaded brooches. This quarter I wanted to build on the idea of contemporary reliquary. I was this are of my show to be like an organically growing shrine. Each beaded Ex-Voto gets its reliquary as it is compleated and therefore they change from one to the next. Some are found objects, others made using the laser cutter. Yet others are a combination of found and created. They all have the sam purpose to act as housing and interment for the relic inside.

My most recent pieces are a combination printers box reliquary that hod both the beaded ex-voto and other found objects. I struggled with the format throughout the quarter and am very happy with how they turned out.

IMG_9753 IMG_9760

[1] Lynn Cool. “Contemporary Reliquaries.” Metalsmith, 2014, 34.

[2] IBID, Lynn Cool, 35


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