It’s Official- Thesis Accepted!

I submitted my thesis prospectus and timeline to graduate studies a few week ago and it has officially been accepted! I’m so excited that at least this stage of the process is officially over. I’m now registered to complete my Thesis in the fall. It’s mostly written and the work is well on its way. Lots to do yet but I have an official committee and can start having meetings and working to the end goal. Show, Thesis paper, and graduation.

giphy typing

Heres my Prospectus just in case you want to see officially what I’m working on.

Key Words- Purgatory, Transformation, Jewelry, Beading, Found Object

The thesis will focus on the fact that we are all living in a state of purgatory right now. We have the option to elevate or to fall. The work addresses the problem of what we can do to help the living right now. The historical teachings of purgatory tell us that we can save the dead and help them to reach salvation through our prayers. This project focuses on the fact that we can save the living through our effort and love. With a little help we can all transform and rise.

The work will be separated in several series. The first will show my own personal struggle and how I am attempting to transform through a cathartic art practice. The series titled ‘#MaggieManifesto” is a grouping of 50 zentangle and quote drawings, that are shared on social media. The second aspect of the work is about my attempt to help the people around me transform and rise. This series will be titled ‘Take a Badge, Leave a Wish.’ The work consists of laser engraved badges that contain found bottle caps. In exchange for a badge each viewer can write a wish on a piece of ribbon and leave it in the place of the removed badge. The third element shows that through my effort and love I can help even the detritus on the street to rise. This work is separated into 2 areas. The first is titled ‘Personalized Ex-Voto’s Enshrined.’ Each piece in the series is a beaded brooch each is in the shape of a heart and contains a found object. They are placed into shine like houses further elevating them and relating them to the catholic tradition of organically growing votive shines. The second part of the found object work is titled “Miracles and Wishes.’ These pieces are a series of Laminae Ex-Voto’s each one reflects personal miracles or wishes though the use of collage. They will incorporate a variety of medias including found object and collage.


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