Age of Ultron at last

Its been out for almost a month and I finally took the time to go see it. Between finals and CLC I felt like there was really no extra time in my schedule let alone 3 hours for the newest Avengers. But I felt so overworked and drawn thin that I decided to take a little break in the middle of the day for myself and went to see it. 3-D of course is there any other way? Well Imax would have been preferable but I didn’t feel like driving to pooler. The movie was great I was afraid Hawkeye was going to die the entire time I loved the quips about cursing and all in all quite enjoyed it. I was the only person in the theater so I got to spread out move around and make as much noise opening my candy as I needed. I might be tempted to go see it again to hold me over until it comes out on dvd.



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