#MaggieManifesto Triptychs

I’ve been debating a couple of different ways to display my manifesto drawings. I think that I have finally settled on a suitable form for them to take on the wall and have excitedly started making the elements. I have decided to display each manifesto drawing as a triptych. The first aspect will be a 1:1 scale print of the original drawing. The second aspect will be a print of the original photograph posted onto instagram of the drawing. The third part will be a small box. On the outside of the box there will be a QR code that links to the instagram drawing. In the box will be business cards with the print of the drawing on the front, the QR code link to my general instagram page on the back along with my name, this blog, and my behance information. The three parts will work together to show all the aspects of the manifesto drawing. The drawing itself, the digital, link, and my desire to let people “take what they need” by having the business cards free for the taking.

Laminae Ex-Voto

I am currently working on the wooden boxes. It is apparently possible to raster QR codes using the laser cutter. The boxes will be made of poplar and be a simple laser cut construction. After some trial and error I have made them an appropriate size and I now have them on a smaller size wood to avoid warping. card box layout card box logos card boxes


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