Laminae Ex-Votos collages

Laminae Ex-Votos. The collages will work with the purpose of showing granted miracles or wishes for the future. These will be very personal pieces with meanings and implications that will impact and make connections with the viewers. The collages will contain found objects that relate to the content of the piece. They will contain a variety of beading techniques. Each will contain a heart Milagro and other jewelry made from a combination of found object and beading. Jewelry is often given as a votive offering. The completed Laminae Ex-Votos will each tell a story through multiple parts and layers. My Laminae Ex-Voto calloges will be based off of the votive paintings from mexican churches.


“Most votive paintings in Mexico are small, depicting the petitioner, the saint or other religious figure and a description of the favor or miracle received. The purpose of the painting is to give testimony and thanks for the divine help. Most votive paintings depict is kind of near disaster, such as car accidents and robbery, which the believer survived or recuperation from sickness or injury. Unlike static images of saints, these votive paintings are considered to be very public and intensely personal expression s of faith, often signed and even painted by the petitioner.Votive paintings of this type are found in various Christian countries, but the type most commonly associated with Mexico are painted on small sheets of tin or other metal of about a foot in length. Many have been created by artists hired for their creation, especially in the past when literacy was not common.”

ex-votos mexico


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