Change of “Beading” Plans

I have made a major change in my final beading project. Instead of the multi faceted neck piece I have decided to make a series of 3 bracelets. The color scheme will be cobalt and gold based off of some china that I found and some lapis lazuli. The bracelets will all be made to be extremely tactile. Each one will feel and look incredibly different but with the same colors used throughout they will appear as a series. My goal for the project is to make tactile pieces in a ritual manner. Keeping the title “Take Comfort in Ritual.” I want to make each piece in a way that requires doing the same thing over and over again in a ritualized manner. Much like drinking tea or zentangling, beading can also be a soothing ritualized exercise. I will complete a cellini spiral, a loom woven piece, and an embroidered pice with bugle stack stitch.  Below are my sketches and inspiration board.

lapis sketches lapis


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