Find Comfort in Ritual- Beading

The final froject in my beading course this quarter is based on tea. It also needs to use metal to create volume and interact with the hand. I would also like it to fit into my thesis work dealing with purgatory and found objects. The final piece will be a neckpiece that is made of many individual pieces of jewelry that can be connected and disconecetd to form the final piece but also to break down into pendants, bracelets, and earrings. The element of the hand will be the ability to build and deconstruct the piece. The tea element will be through the coloration which is based on tea gowns and in the multiple parts. Tea sets are made of many individual pieces saucers, cups, cream, sugar, teapot etc. My necklace will likewise be composed of all the pieces of jewelry. The volume made from metal will be hydrulic pressed tea tins that will be used as cabochons in the final construction. Tea is considered to be something that can heal and save it’s drinker. Elevating and comforting them while they hold their cup, mug, or tumbler. It is a way to transform and rise if only for a short while.

tea bead pallette tea inspiration Tea Sketches


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