Rise- A bracelet

I forgot to post about my first beading project and am therefore doing so now. The prompt was to make a cuff style bracelet based on the work of an artist. I choose the illustrator and print maker Gustave Dore. He did illustrations for The Divine Comedy, The Raven, and Paradise Lost. Similar themes to what I’ve been considering with my Purgatory research. The cuff works to show the transition from the structured chaos of hell through the unstructured chaos of of purgatory and then to the structure of heaven. It does this through the use of color black in hell for darkness. Purple and grey in purgatory for twilight. And white, silver and finally gold in heaven for light. It also does this through the texture and patterning of the beads. The finished product is a beaded cuff with a laser etched leather back and a copper core.

IMG_8591 IMG_8592 IMG_8590 IMG_8587


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