Quotidian Tribulation

The next beading project is a neck piece, that uses line, and is based on two contrasting words. I choose the words Quotidian- of or occurring every day; daily. and Tribulation- a cause of great trouble or suffering. I feel like each and every one of us is experiencing a form of Quotidian Tribulation every day. Each one is different but its something we all feel. Lock you keys in the car? Dog is really sick? Jut broke up with your boyfriend? these are all forms of Quotidian Tribulation. My current Quotidian Tribulation is dealing with the stages of mourning. My piece will attempt to show my travels through the stages of mourning. Starting with denial on the back of the neck moving through anger around the choker and then descending through the others until it reaches acceptance over my heart. The piece will contain many new techniques bead loom work for the choker. French beaded flower technique, beaded bezels, and a variation of circular brick stitch. It will also include found objects in the form of a watch face for acceptance, and rusty washers as the central elements of the piece. These remind me that if I can save objects from the street and elevate them to beauty and art then I can also save myself. The piece is due on the 16th but I really want it done by the 13th so that I can enter it into the SJTA and SCAD jewelry competitions which are both due on the same day.

IMG_8665 IMG_8660 IMG_8654


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