The no good very bad day

Today was the day that the family distributed the antiques from my Mom-mom’s table. A collection that was inside the coffee table in her living room forever. It was aways visible and we were all allowed to play with eveything so every one of us had memories. Of course the whole family got together for the event except for me and one other cousin who had to work. 23 there 2 missing. I got pictures in the morning made a list and sent it in and of course by my turn to pick almost everything I wanted was gone. This was the theme of the day as it has been throughout this process. Let me just say that choosing or even finding things to choose from photographs and grainy facetime images can’t compare to being there. I couldn’t keep track of what was there or gone, could not tell if what I wanted was broken or intact, what size it was or even if I was interested. All in all I have no idea what I got and am not sure if I should be happy or sad. I think everyone is frustrated. The paceling of memories is not easy especially when so many people are involved. table


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