When Traveling by train…

This winter I decided to go old school with my Savannah to Philadelphia an back travel arrangements. What says christmas more than long distance train travel? Just like White Chistmas or so I thought. Let me say right now I have no idea how they stayed all night in the dining car since I just about died in my seat. Heres some tips for Amtrak Long distance travel survival that I learned after my first trip and institited for my second making it much more enjoyable. Dress comfy and in layers, bring a blanket and small pillow. I went one step further and brought an electric blanket. It was amazing. Set an alarm for about 30 minutes before your stop. It all depends on the person in you car sometimes they wake you sometimes they don’t its better to be prepared. Wear a large scarf. This is the best advice I have. You can cover you face with it, use it as a pillow or blanket. Also bring your own snacks and drinks I got a bag of doritos and it cost $2.25, like a little snack bag. All and all I enjoyed my self and found it to be much lower stress and expense then air travel. I would like to do it again possibly during the day so I could see the sights.

IMG_7745 IMG_8356


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