Found Object Lamps

In finding future inspiration I was struck by the vision of purgatory in twilight. That it was neither the light of heaven nor the blackness of hell. The idea of heaven being light led me to the idea that I should illuminate the found object pieces. The first attempt at this was to make a laser cut lampshade including opaque and transparent found objects. Each object is removable so that the lamp contains elements that can be interacted with. From this first attempt I learned that the transparent elements look much better than their opaque brethren when illuminated. The shade has led me to ideas for free standing wall mounted and hanging lamps that include removable pieces.

The lamps are entities much like ourselves, made of collected fragments that have been pulled together and elevated to a state of greater importance. Lamps aren’t always on; they spend much of their time in purgatorial shadow. However, when illuminated they shine with a heavenly glow that stretches out and touches the lives of those around them.

I finally finished my first free standing found object lamp. It originally had different feet but I decided to change it up with some more leg like, taller, clear feet. It looks so much more awesome this way I love it! so sad that the quarter is over and I have to wait until after the new year until I can make another one. But I get all winter to find transparent items to put in them.lamp


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