Savannah Postcards 1

Today was the first time I went out to send some postcard love. I choose to do two of my river street postcards of the bridge. I choose a bench near the bohemian for the first one and a bench, about 4 blocks up, near the cotton exchange for the second. I was halfway through the second postcard when 2 older African American gentlemen asked me what I was doing. “Writing a postcard” I responded at which point they proclaimed “oh you’re Maggie!” and pulled my postcard from earlier out of their bag. They sat down and we talked for a while about what I was working on and why. They said they though from my postcard that I must be an old women who had been living in Savannah my whole life and who was just writing nice love notes to people in all my extra time. They couldn’t believe I was a student an insisted I should be a writer not an artist. That my postcards were beautiful and that I should sell them in stores around Savannah. They were really nice and funny we talked about Savannah, school, where I was from and what Savannah was like back in the day. They were so surprised to meet me and had apparently been walking down the street pointing people out and guessing which passerby had written them the postcard. They couldn’t believe it when they happened upon me. It was so great to interact with the people who had actually received my postcard it’s the first actual response I’ve gotten all semester. They were just so happy and excited, they loved the mystery and they loved the postcard. I hope more people reach out and mail me something it would be great to hear from all the people who find my love.



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