Greetings From Savannah

I decided to continue my anonymous love letters project into the second half of the quarter but this time using postcards. I printed 16 of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken during my time in Savannah. I then laser cut a linoleum block that proclaimed “greetings from savannah”. I used it to print on top of the pictures making homemade postcards. I then modgepoged some drawing paper onto the backs to give myself a good surface to write on. My plan is to take the postcards back to where the original picture was taken and write them then leave them all in the same location. This will give a great connection to the exact location that is documented on the card. Locations will include river street, city market, bonaventure, forsyth and other places. This project will hopefully continue to make people smile. I want the letters to be more personal, more about the location but still stat with “to you” and end with “you are loved” Also in the address area of the postcard I’m going to write “please write me back” and put my post office box. I can only hope that people get back to me, if not I’m happy to make other people happy.

IMG_7312 IMG_7380


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