Fingers Crossed For Trunk Show

Today was the due date for trunk show and I amazingly had 21 finished pieces to submit. Laser cut wood flower brooches, acrylic and paint cactus brooches and earrings, and dyed and painted acrylic gemstones. I like all of the pieces but am particularly in love with the cactus series. They are colorful and adorable. I even made myself a tiny pair of mismatched cactus earrings. I hope things sell this time around I would love to have some spending money and I also love to get my work out there and make people happy. I also plan on continuing the sell able laser cut mini-series works. I think they work great as multiples for sale as opposed to conceptual multiples work. It’s also a great way to hone my skills with the laser cutter and to experiment with adding color to the acrylic and wood. The next series I want to work on is sugar skull brooches and earrings. It’s too bad they weren’t done in time for the trunk show but they will give me something colorful for on my desk during open house.

cactus Pins sugar skulls trunk show


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