Inside- Outside

The symbolism behind my recent laser cut and found object pieces is two fold much like the objects themselves. The inside is what I’ve found and the outside is what I’ve made. This goes for me as a person and the pieces. Inside is all of the things that I’ve found and gathered together that make up who I are. My collected memories and experiences the good times and the bad all make up what I hold inside. The exterior is the persona that I have made. The clothes the temperament, the smile on my face are all at times contrived to be the person I want the world to see and not necessarily what is on the inside.  Although both parts are beautiful one is natural or incidental while the other is drafted and edited to become exactly the way I want it to appear.  These pieces allow the viewer to see both the inside and outside the core and the exterior growing off of it.

IMG_7186 IMG_7236


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