Shop SCAD- ‘I took what i needed’

Today I completed part one of my jewelry happening. Having finished my display box by wrapping it in fun paper and making the addition of a little free sign, I hoped to pull people in and actually allow them to take the bracelets. I attached a tag to each bracelet that asked whoever picked it up to send me a picture of them and their bracelet either on instagram using #itookwhatineeded or through email. I choose the location shop SCAD because its a heavily trafficked area and because people go there to buy very similar items to what I’m giving away. I set out my box about noon on a Sunday which is a tourist time in that part of the city, and sat back to see if anyone would actually take bracelets for themselves. It turned out great. Within 20 minutes all the bracelets were gone and people really did contemplate their choices. Often times they debated for a minute or two before making a selection. Some people took 2 or 3. I loved to watch people put them on and walk away with a smile on their face. Like the bracelet with just one word could brighten up their day.

IMG_7202 IMG_7211


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