Anonymous Love Letters

So I was trying to decide what to do with my home made pens and I went back to thinking about why I made them in the first place. Mostly because I was missing home and felt that letters a kind of a lost connection to the people that we love. We no longer have physical contact when we are apart. We don’t have the opportunity any longer to hold and cherish the correspondence that we have with our loved ones. In times past we would write letters and wait for a response. We would recognize the handwriting on the envelope and get excited to hear from family and friends. Then we would keep the letters, all of them, for perusal when we were feeling lost and lonely. Now we text, facebook message, and if were feeling really outgoing we might call. Our correspondence now is immediate and fleeting there’s only a digital record in in Helvetica or Arial no real connection to the person writing only their words. I have a few idea on how to put my pens into use. First I found this short Ted Talk which was really great. I’ve decided to write a dozen Anonymous Love Letters and leave them around Savannah. Of course there’s no way of knowing what happens with them once I send them out into the world, hopefully they will give someone a smile they didn’t have before. The second part of my project will be to write letters to all the people in my address book (I know who needs one of them anymore) and hope for a response back. I want to jump start personal handwritten correspondence in my own family hoping it might spiral out. If anyone does in fact write back I’m going to compile my letters and their responses into my instillation project.

letter1 letter2


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