Laser Cutting Fun!

Scad has built a new laser cutting and 3D printing lab in the jewelry building and I am fully committed to learning new useful technology. So I went to a demo last week on how to use the laser cutter! Then I asked a friend to give me a basic adobe illustrator demo I haven’t used illustrator since my freshman year and not well even then. So now that I have basic illustrator skills I made some files based on some flower doodles I did a couple months ago. I also set up some files to raster my manifesto drawings. I’m trying wood and acrylic for these first files and am hoping to move out into other materials in the near future. I also want to work on changing the acrylic. I want to attempt to dye it and add ink in the etch lines to make the images pop out a little better. Hopefully I’ll have some success and have some work for the trunk show. Linoleum, enamel, book covers etc. I am absolutely in love with my first cuts and can’t wait to make more.

laserflowersacrylic laserflowerswood


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