Memories of Happy Days

I’ve been thinking a lot about my multiples series involving found objects from the sea. Mostly those things that I found in Campobello but a little from Tybee as well. I’ve been trying to decide what the works symbolize. To me they symbolize happiness and memories. They bring me back to walking the rocky shores of Campobello with family and friends. To searching for the perfect stone amongst billions. The freezing cold water even in the middle of July. Playing games in the evenings and waking up to fog so thick that its impossible to see anything outside the window. The bits of Tybee bring back memories of visitors to my new home in Savannah. It’s impossible for anyone to come for a visit and not go to the beach at least once, sometimes three or four times. The little bits of Tybee also make me think of escape. When I go out alone to get an hour or two of solace between classes or in a busy day. When the sea breeze and waves can at least for a moment erase my worries and troubles and bring clarity to my hectic life.

I think that many people have a similar connection to the sea. That it brings them back to family vacations and happy memories. Those stolen moments from real life and it’s worries. I hope that my sea themed collection can bring memories of rocky shores and sandy beaches to the wearer. so that they too smile when they put it on as much as I smiled when I picked up its components on the beach.

IMG_5834 IMG_0895


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