Savannah Sourced

I found a quote from found object artist Carol Cole that I felt truly fit my own finding habits.

“I am a beachcomber, not only at the shore but on the city streets. I walk with my eyes down and find treasures everywhere. I shop for art materials in junkyards. I am a gatherer, not a hunter. I don’t know what I am looking for until I see it. I don’t know what I am making until it is finished.”

I love how she describes her practice of finding as a constant. That she is just always looking for things. I often feel the same way. I take long walks and find myself watching the side walk and edge of the street for little finds looking down so much that I forget to notice the world around me. I also love how she finds and makes without a plan. I feel that my new work is more compositional and that makes it symbolic then the actual objects themselves. By combining objects all found in the same place I think it gives a greater feeling and connection to the place where the material were sourced. In this case all the objects used were found in Savannah. My instagram posts show what I found on each outing and gives the location of where the objects were found. This documentations adds to the connection with place and its importance in the work.1 2 3


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