Take What You Need

For my jewelry happening this quarter I want to do a version of the “Take What You Need” movement. http://lisavoisin.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/guest-post-from-the-originator-of-the-take-what-you-need-projects-katie-north/ Up above is a blog post by the originator of the take what you need movement and here’s a quote from her.

“Know that these things that you need are true and real for you. It may not be so easy to let go of whatever you’re holding on to right now to take them, but they are there. You were meant for them.”

I love the idea that we all need things. And that each of us needs different things at different times in our lives. It’s inspiring to be able to simply reach out and take whatever it is that you need. This works incredibly well with my idea that craft can work as catharsis. Simply put craftspeople can give people exactly what they need. My goal for my jewelry happening is to use a dozen words from the original take what you need posters and put them onto thin cuff bracelets. I will then leave these bracelets in strategic locations and allow people to take what they need. I will attach a note asking for a picture and short explanation of what people choose to take why they did. I hope to do this at least 6 times each time in a different setting so that I can hopefully get varying reactions from many different people.

take what you need


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