Why The Rope?

So why rope? When on the beaches of Campobello it seems like almost everything is a treasure worthy to be picked up and brought home. The rocks are gorgeous and there’s such a variety of shapes and colors that its impossible not to walk home with a pocket or bag full on every trip. There’s shells, urchins, crabs, and lobsters and then there’s the rope. I’ve been to Campobello on multiple occasions and the rope never really attracted my attention. This trip however I was looking for some fly tying supplies and started picking up rope figuring I could use it instead of fur. Once I started looking for Rope I couldn’t stop there were so many colors sizes and widths that over several days I had filled a 2 gallon ziplock bag. There’s a ton of fishing and lobstering on the island so I imagine the rope was run away pieces that washed up on the beach. I took these cast a ways and did indeed make some nice flies but I brought the rest down to scad to see if I could give it some new life as jewelry. Each rope has a story to tell, how worn it is, if it’s frayed or cut, the color and thickness. Each of these ropes originally had a purpose and a job to do. With my rope ring series each rope is getting a new job and showing off it’s personality and color in the attempt to adorn and make a connection between the wearer and my lazy beach combing on Campobello.



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