Busy (SCAD) Bee

With the museum field trip and a make-up class for 3-d visualization aka grad cad on Friday my studio time this weekend was cut short by an entire day. No matter though we must “keep calm and create on” This weekend was dedicated to cloisonne

noun: cloisonné
  1. decorative work in which enamel, glass, or gemstones are separated by strips of flattened wire placed edgeways on a metal backing.
    My work is of course in the enamel variety. I am making the linoleum print series in both brooches and photographs to be published in separate books as ways of visualizing superstition. I wanted to make the brooches using several different techniques and decided on cloisonne as one of them. Day one of working had a 3 out of 4 success rate with everything but the citrine turning out wonderfully. On day 2 I remade the citrine this time much much better. So all in all a long and sucessful weekend in the studio. If only my research could go as smoothly.

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