A week of Superstitons #asuperstitionaday

See instagram for all the lovely photo-documentation of seven superstitions I have experienced over the past week.

1. Chicken Soup will make you feel better.

2. Cut your nails, Monday-for wealth, Tuesday- for health, Wednesday- for news, Thursday- new shoes, Friday- for woe, Saturday- on a journey you’ll go, Sunday- for evil all week followed by the devil.

3. A mole above the right eye symbolizes wealth and a happy marriage.

4.The Azalea is a symbol of temperance and fragile passion.

5. If you Rub Gracie’s nose before an exam it’s good luck.

6. Bubbles in tea denote kisses.

7. It’s good luck to have an elephant figurine in your house but only if it faces a door.



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