yes I am sore


Monday and I woke up energized and refreshed albeit very sore. My legs are bruised quite extensively as is my left foot and hip. This day might be slightly painful. After Friday’s problems I knew that today might be a little challenging again. That premonition was quite accurate as the day developed I found that there was still a little tension between my co-op and myself. When I was working on editing my resume while the class was working.


I wandered the room about every five minutes and got up to answer questions. The class was quiet and working and my co-op was reading a book. She got up saw me working on my computer and stated for the classroom to hear “you should be helping students not doing your own work!” This really got me annoyed I was so tempted to retaliate with something like “well I’m sure that pinterest, facebook, and chicken soup for the soul, are also being very helpful for the students.” But I held my tongue but lost my cheerful mood. At one point I moved a student’s seat while my teacher was out of the room. I put him right in front of her desk as a deterrent to further disruptions.  She came back in and yelled at him for not being in his seat, then when I said that I had moved him she said that she wouldn’t have given him the chance to sit with his peers and would have had him sit in isolation away from the group. I personally believe in second chances and all he was doing was talking too loud so I didn’t think that merited isolation.


Since my co-op wasn’t in the room I’m not sure why she was being so harsh toward this arrangement. That is until the end of the day when she proclaimed that I couldn’t leave that student seated there because he smelled and she didn’t want him in front of her desk.  I also had an incident between two students when one raised her hand and asked to change seats because the boy across from her kept whispering her name and staring at her. He of course denied it and I let her move down two seats for the rest of the period. Oh seventh grade. I went to Target after school to do my grocery shopping and I ended up spending a lot of money. I was really disappointed because I really didn’t buy anything superfluous. I went home and relaxed and I finished my grad school application to scad! I’m now done applying thank goodness it is such a relief. I was again asleep by 9; I’m storing it up for later in the week.


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