We are the Champions!


Frostbite tournament day 2. We have an 8am game today so we met at the pitch at 5:45 to drive over. I had to wake up even earlier then I do on a normal day which was horrible. I took a nap on the way there. I didn’t play the first game against IUP and we won. At this point in the tournament Clarion had only one loss so if we lost our last game we would be tied for the win. Our last game was against U Penn again. We were playing mostly our b-side and new players and I was playing fly. It was a tight game, our defense was playing horribly and we weren’t getting much traction offensively. We were down at the half and a little disheartened after the coaches talk. We finally got a break and I scored our first try. It’s always such an amazing feeling especially when the team really needed it. I had some amazing kicks that even surprised myself at times. We ended up pulling ahead in the second half. I made more tackles in that 45 minutes then I did all last season. With the new forwards the defensive line was just not that strong and I ended up picking up a ton of tackles. We pulled it together a little bit in the second half and ended up with a hard fought win.  I got player of the game which made me so happy. I scored 4 times in the tournament and the best thing was that we took home the trophy!!


We stopped as a team at the old country buffet for lunch. It was alright how much can you expect from there but it was surprisingly $13 which in my opinion was way too much for what I ate.


We got home and I was pretty sure my nose was broken. It was swollen, bruised, and crooked. My nostrils were completely different sizes. I didn’t want to go to the ER like my mom suggested so I iced it till it was frozen and pulled it till it popped. Voilà, straight nose! After that excitement I went to the social and hung out with my fellow ruggers for a little while. I got dinner and was sound asleep half way through top gear which was disappointing but it was  a very long day.


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