Tempra = Frustration


I had to wake up super early this morning because I had to drive from home and stop at Wa-Wa on the way to get a lunch. I gave myself plenty of time even with Tish following me around all morning asking for love. I got a breakfast sandwich, steamer, and hoagie at Wa-wa. I got great news, my mom called as soon as I got home to tell me that Gomez was in the trap when she went up to check on hime. He was back home and acting normal although Tish seemed pretty mad at him. At school the kids were finishing their painting today. I am really disappointed in the quality of the tempra that we use. It is so transparent that you can see any of the pencil lines the students left behind. It’s really frustrating to them that their paintings can’t be perfect.


If the students finished early I made a choice board with 3 options for them to choose from. A graffiti project discussing a train for peace graffiti project in Kenya. A drawing of a future home in a future environment, and a Zine. The students enjoyed having options and having something to do if the finished early. My student who always want 100% on everything came up to me as I was grading and asked how many 100’s I’d given out. I said none so far and he responded that his would be the first. I said that it was really hard to get 100 and that he shouldn’t get his hopes up. At the end of the day I told my teacher I was concerned that he was worrying to much about his grades. She just pushed it off commenting that it’s nice to have students who care. I’m sure if he asked her everyday about his grades she wouldn’t brush it off so quickly.  I went back to my house and fell asleep immediately, I counted on a 45 minute nap and woke up 3 hours later. Well I didn’t feel like going to the cafeteria at this point so I made myself an omelet in my microwave omelet maker. It wasn’t horrible, a little rubbery and a little gray, but edible. I did a little homework, finished the episode of Top Gear from the other day and went to rugby. Practice was horribly boring we talked for most of it for the benefit of the new players.  Some unopposed or a touch scrimmage could have been really useful considering were playing on Saturday. Of course we didn’t do any of that. Mostly we were yelled at for not looking directly at the coach as he lectured us for over an hour. Yuck!


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