Teacher Breakfast! Team Dinner!


I had to get to school early today for the teacher bagel breakfast. I got to meet a couple new teachers, and listen to the new teacher gossip which was entertaining. We were still transferring the picture into the grid today and I was still getting constant complaints. “Miss can you do this for me it’s too hard,” “that doesn’t look like my eye,” “I don’t like my picture.” It went on and on my favorite comment was “why does my left eye look like a platypus wearing sci-fi glasses?” Oh seventh grade. The substitute was really nice and I’ll be working with her till Monday. She is also an art educator and it was nice to have the extra set of hand for assistance. The students were having a ton of trouble. I even had one student who simply refused to work on the portrait project. I finally got him to agree on finishing his comic first then working on his portrait. I then of course had another student try to say he wanted to work on something else to. Ugg I wish I knew what the policy was for that.  One student who was happy was a student with low motor skills. He said this was his favorite project so far. I did the outline and he painted it in. I think it turned out looking great!


I stopped at Weis on the drive home to pick up some yogurt and while checking out I got a phone call to set up a job interview. That’s really exciting because I desperately need summer employment. I came home watched an episode of the new girl and went to rugby dinner. We have a game tomorrow vs. ESU and were again playing with a developmental squad this should be interesting.


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