Silly doctor


Today I drove into school from home I left a little late and so arrived about five minutes late to school. Good thing I get there super early.  I technically wasn’t late. Today we started painting our kaleidoscopes. I explained that they should choose their first color put that one color into their palette and return to their seat. Then they should paint everything that would be that color and then go get a second color. I told them not to wash out their palettes in between colors in case they needed to make any touch ups.  I can not tell you how many students walked up and poured eight colors into their palette. Or how many washed their palette between colors and then wondered why their colors were watery because they didn’t dry it in between. It’s just so frustrating when you clearly say something with emphasis “this is important” and the kids still don’t care to listen. Another problem I ran into today had to deal with grading. I have a student who thinks he deserves 100% on every project. He doesn’t understand why he could get a 99 or 98 he thinks it’s perfect. Then when I explained to him how some of his coloring was a little sloppy and that there was glue that I could see he just rolled his eyes. Ugg kids these days. I know that I have had similar discussions with teachers about why I think I deserved a higher grade but really a 98% is still an A+. Then it was time to leave. I had a doctor appointment on campus right before practicum and it was the most useless visit to a doctor ever. He didn’t read my history, ask questions, or listen to my concerns. He simply cracked m back and sent me on my way. He told me to take 3-4 ibuprophen every 4 hours but didn’t say for how long. Really!? Are you trying to kill me? He also said that the back pain I’ve been having since 2008 would go away soon, this man was stupid. I will never be going to clinical services again. Then I ran over to practicum in the pouring rain, and arrived a cold drenched rat 15 minutes late. But it was practicum so I didn’t miss a single thing. 2 hours later and more confused than ever I left. My mom called to tell me that the cat ran away and was stuck under the neighbor’s porch refusing to come out. I almost broke down but at least they know where he is even if he won’t come out.  I went home and did a little homework then put on the episode of top gear I missed Sunday. I feel asleep kneeling on the floor with my head on the couch (really tired). I woke up 15 minutes before rugby and still incredibly tired.


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