Lost Gomez


Today school went really fast. The kids continued painting and didn’t need too much help. I did my example for the cartoon project. I also put together a bulletin board for the art show with the phobia projects and short stories. My co-op said she really liked how they turned out, yeah!


As I was putting them up the same student who asked me about his grades yesterday came up again. He asked if the ones I choose to hang up (including his) were the only good ones. I replied no there were lots of great ones and more would be in the art show they just didn’t fit on the board. He replied “but these are the best right?” Uggg again, no these are just some of the projects that were on the top of the pile so I hung them up first. Right at the end of school my mom called to say that they cat had gotten out from under the neighbors porch and they couldn’t find him anywhere.


I called the rugby coach to tell him I wouldn’t be at practice and drove straight home. I wandered the woods yelling his name, hung up flyers with my mom. And went door to door handing out papers “Lost cat, Gomez, if you see him please give us a call.” I was nearing hysterics “my baby, my sweet prince” I had to get out of the house and took the opportunity to go to dinner with my sister at my aunt’s house. It was delicious and I really needed a break. We watched some of “Monster’s Inc.” in 3-d which was really cool, and got home around 10:30. My dad and I went out with flashlights to look for Gomez. We wandered looking in around and under everything in the 20 degree weather for over an hour before we found him back under the neighbor’s house. I crawled into the dust and insulation infested space just high enough for me to fit; and tried to talk him out, no luck. Not only did I lose a year of my life in toxin inhalation but the cat wouldn’t come out. We set a trap with food n it and left. I took a long cleansing and warming shower; and rolled into bed after midnight.


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