Long Naps


My co-op was only here for first block today. She flies to Florida this evening and all she can do is complain about how cold it’s going to be. Honestly you are going to Florida the high is 72 the high this week here is 45 get over it and stop complaining.  We were working on a new portrait project with the students where I took all of their pictures put them into a black and white cut out filter and printed them. They grided that every inch and a large paper ever two inches. The then had to transfer the image square by square from picture to paper. I have never heard so much complaining. “I can’t do it,” “this it too hard.” It was getting really annoying my favorite comment of the day was “that’s what art teachers do, they make everything hard and rub it in your face when you can’t do it.” I feel very badly that a student feels that way about art class. I think a project like this is just too intensive and easy to mess up for seventh grade. They want it to be perfect but most don’t have the patience for it. I can see why it’s so frustrating but at the same time I wish they would just give it a try as opposed to giving the project up before they even started. I quite impressively cut the exact number of papers today without counting; I think I’m ready to be a teacher! I came home and again took a long nap, ate, and went to practice.



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