Just call me sleepy


I got a phone call at 2 am last night so I was not pumped to wake up this morning. In fact I felt really sick.


There was an amazing sunrise that helped me wake up a little. I made it to school in time and finished prepping for the first day of the comic project.


I started by showing a 30 minute video on drawing cartoons. It was so boring to watch 3 times. Then I discussed social justice with the students and although my first class didn’t participate at all, my second class got really into the discussion. I had to make some changes during the lesson and change it from writing a story to making a storyboard.


That seemed to make more sense and the kids had more luck with it. My main problem today was that my co-op kept telling the students to do the opposite of what I asked. She was confusing them so much and making me frustrated. She would leave the room and I would ask that the students watch the first demo in the movie and hen draw along after that. She walked in and yelled at them that they were supposed to be drawing. This happened multiple times during the class.


At one point a student was drawing their character and its arms were really short. I asked the student to look at the length of my arms and compare it to his drawing. He found it funny and started to laugh. My co-op having missed the exchange yelled at the student and threatened to change his seat if he disrupted the class again. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much today but she hasn’t done this before. It’s really frustrating and I can’t do anything about it.



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