Ignorance is annoying


Today we continued working on our comics and I went into the day knowing that I didn’t want to endure the wrath of my co-op again so I decided to act a little needier in hopes that she would feel more useful and not get angry from boredom. I discussed cartoon layouts and coloring with the class and had them build a layout to put their story in. I had a great handout explaining comic essentials that I read through with each class and their comics are turning out great. The day went very smoothly without co-op incident thank goodness.


Practicum was awful they decided that jurying for the senior show would be in 2 weeks and that we have to have a teacher log of everything that we have done all semester thus far done in 2 weeks. I would have been keeping the log except that when I emailed my professor about it 8 days in they said that there was no such thing. So now I’m really far behind all thanks to them.  I got back to campus applied for a job at rita’s then went for dinner. Apparently juice is no longer included in the meal plan. That is really disappointing because a banana costs a dollar and juice is now a dollar fifty. Apparently soda and bottled water is still included. So I can get diabetes or kill the environment. It makes me fairly annoyed that they are so ignorant.


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