Saturday’s a rugby day. Woke up at exactly the same time as I do every day and got ready for a cold rainy rugby tournament. The high was 40 and it was misty wet outside. We almost got into 3 accidents on the way to the field thanks to the caravan system of travel. We played 4 games 25 minutes each. The first was against Clarion and I sat it out we won. The second was against University of Pennsylvania. I played 8 man which I haven’t played in over a year. It took me a little while to get used to it but I jumped back in and even drew a scum penalty on the other team hehe. The game was tied up at 7 to 7 with seconds left to play when I made one of the best runs of my life. I made it about 10 yards cut past 2 defenders and scored the winning try. It felt awesome; there is no better way to start off a season.


The next game was against university of Delaware. For some unknown reason Kutztown has a feud against them and we had to win at all costs. Luckily I was back at flyhalf and U Del is horrible at rugby. I scored 2 more tries and  made it a hat trick for the day. We won 31-0. The last game was against IUP and I sat that one out. We won putting ourselves in first for tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to get home and get warm and dry. I slept the whole ride home and immediately upon arrival jumped into the shower. Thank goodness we got our hot water back.


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