We won’t sleep till Norrath is safe!


Woke up around 11 again and took a shower. I was out by noon and picked up an asiago bagel with pork roll, egg, and cheese at the Bagel Bar for brunch. It was amazing.


Then I ran a couple errands which included the head shop. I’ve never been to one before and it was a little awkward. It felt veiled and forbidden inside with bizarre music and people. I bought a premium electronic hookah in mint flavor (it’s just water vapor). I thought my Mom-mom would really enjoy it, since she’s an avid smoker.  Then I headed home to be loved by my cats and meet up with my parents and sister for dinner. We decided to try out mixing brandy alexander’s. We love the song and have always wanted to try the beverage. They were delicious just like the song smooth with a little something extra. We hung around the house petting kittens and oh yes we made cake pops. Koala and lion cake pops.


I though they turned out looking adorable. Although if we had the appropriate sticks it would have been much easier to dip them. To make them you bake a cake mix according to the directions and let it cool. Then crumble it up in a bowl and add enough icing to make it so that you can roll it into a ball. Roll the balls the melt your chocolate. Put a little chocolate on the end of a stick and stick it into the ball. Let that cool and then you should be able to lift it by the stick. Dip it into the chocolate and add the decorations. They took a long time to make but turned out really cute.


Once K came home from work, bearing gifts of fried food, we played Legends of Norrath. My sister just slept on the couch and we saved the world until 4 am.


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