Phobia Lesson Day One


Monday morning I left from home and almost didn’t make it to my car it was so icy. Luckily it was just the steps that were bad and not the roads. I did arrive a little late but I wasn’t planning on an artic adventure to start my day. It the first day of the phobia/pen and ink/icon project. We started by discussing pen and ink and I showed them drawings of faces using stippling and parallel lines. I asked how the artist got the highlights and shadows (this week’s vocab words). Then I demonstrated pen and ink techniques and set the kids out to fill their worksheet. After most of them finished I discussed Icons and phobias and had each student choose the name of a phobia out of a hat. They each had to design an icon that was representative of their phobia. That all fit into the period with some finishing early and others not finishing at all but such is art.


I went home picked up my lunch and then sat around until it was time for dinner. I got some pasta watched some M*A*S*H and then at 8 went to a rugby meeting. It went for an hour and didn’t truly include any new information. I mostly went just to find out when and where practice would be. Then I got home and had the highlight of my day, a warm shower. Not just warm hot even. Apparently the pipe taking hot water to the shower was corroded. I feel bad for the landlord replacing the hot water heater when all he had to do was replace a pipe. But really I didn’t have a hot shower for two weeks so I now feel super clean and happy!


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