Happy Valentines Day


Valentine ’s Day and I’m getting observed this afternoon. Oh yes and it’s the last day of school this week since president’s day is Monday. All this complied made for rowdy, noisy children.


I introduced the new project on kaleidoscopes, and had a discussion about what kaleidoscopes are and where artwork similar to kaleidoscopes is made. Then I demonstrated how to use template to make a circle with slices and how to design their pattern. Some of them are looking great already. The class I had during my observation was just out of hand. They were noisy and disrespectful. They wouldn’t quiet down and get to work. I really should have given them a silent class. I didn’t want to come off as too mean in front of my supervisor.


I got home, took a nap and then watched some tv. I got a taco salad in the cafeteria and brought it home to eat. Then I went to rugby. It was an upper body day and it was totally useless. We weren’t allowed to drop to our knees during push-ups so I basically did the plank for 20 minutes.  Seriously my arms don’t hurt at all and my abs hurt so bad I want to cry.


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