I started the day by calculating how much paper I needed to cut. I used the magic paper guillotine that can cut 50 pages at a time. It made cutting so much faster and easier. I cut the proper number of pieces for the phobia icons and then just guestimated the amount of tracing paper. I started the day by demoing how to transfer an image using tracing paper. Then I explained that they would need 8 transferred images. These would turn into sets of positive and negative drawings using the three pen and ink techniques and one solid black and white. All in all this went well.


Most everyone got the transferring down but when they moved to putting in the pen and ink they got confused. I explained and had examples but some were still lost. I’ve realized that there’s always going to be lost people (usually the same ones) who just can’t hold all the demo info, or just aren’t paying attention. By second block I ran out of cut paper, try to explain that I really did correctly count. Hopefully (to my teacher’s dismay) we will finish this up tomorrow. My co-op prefers longer, more drawn out projects. I hate to make the kids suffer through waiting for their peers to finish so I’m just going to move on and the last few will need to catch up. What excited me today was when the kids really got into working and they were thinking and drawing not because I forced them to be quiet. I also put all the zentangles onto a board for the art show. They look great and the kids really enjoyed walking up to find theirs.



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