Friday Off! The best day of student teaching so far!


It’s FRIDAY and I don’t have school. It is a miracle. I very desperately needed a break and here it is.  I slept forever I rolled over around five laughed at the clock and kept sleeping till 11am. I then sat around for the entire day. Watched TV cleaned my room ever so slightly, and was generally lazy. I went up to the cafeteria for lunch and had trouble believing that they charge $1.25 extra to put your sandwich in a wrap and not on bread. They also charge $.50 for an extra sauce. That’s just crazy its all included in the price at the on-campus wrap place in the other cafeteria. They really need to streamline their food it’s just really annoying. Around 6, I went to a demonstration at one of the rugby girl’s houses. It was hilarious I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Then I took a mini-nap and was out by 9:45 to catch the nigh bus/ drunk bus. It runs around campus and the town and for free will take you around. Sorry for the quality of this picture but the bus was so crowded this was the best I could document it.


There’s even an app so you can watch it’s progress and don’t have to stand out in the snow for too long.  I didn’t get home till after 1 and just sleepily stumbled into bed.


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