Cold, oh so cold!


It was so hard waking up even though I had 6 hours of sleep it didn’t feel like it. I slept all night with little kittens laying on me. I felt so loved. We went to breakfast but not at the Energy Station. We tried there first but there wasn’t a single parking spot. We drove down to the Heritage and they were crowded too. We had to wait about 10mins to get a seat. I had the best frizzled dried beef/ SOS that I have had in months. It was the perfect amount of creamy and came with 2 eggs. It was everything my breakfast loving heart desired. We couldn’t decide on a single thing to do that didn’t require freezing to death outside so we wandered walmart for a while. Then we headed home and watched the Adjustment Bureau. That was a surprisingly good movie. I didn’t expect it to be a romance after the commercials but I really enjoyed it. Then we went to the grocery store and got the makings for dinner. We made some very yummy potato soup. Image

Then we played a bunch of rock band which was so much fun since we haven‘t played in a really long time.  Mom made strawberry shortcakes for dessert and the night was complete.


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